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Sledding and Snow Tubing Safety in Illinois

Safety in the Snow

Sledding and snow tubing are fun and healthy activities for kids. But the thrill of speeding down a snowy hill comes with significant risks. Many kids are seriously injured when sledding and snow tubing in Illinois every year. To ensure your kids can participate in one of the season’s most enjoyable activities without an accident, follow these three essential steps.

Always Supervise

Kids need adult supervision when sledding or snow tubing. An adult should always be present to respond to emergencies and injuries on the spot. It also helps to have an adult make sure kids play it safe and are considerate of other snow-goers. Staffed hills are well supervised but can be crowded. Find a location where you can easily supervise your child, and recruit other parents to oversee runs as well.

Never Improvise

Make sure your kid uses a sled or snow tube in good condition. Properly inflate snow tubes. An underinflated tube is more likely to catch and drag, potentially causing crashes. Don’t use trash bags, shower curtains, or other slippery materials for a DIY sled. Sleds and tubes are designed to glide over the snow, protecting kids from sharp ice and rocks.

Location, Location, Location

Sledding and snow tubing areas can get very crowded. And more kids means more risk of kid-to-kid collisions. Also, choose a hill with plenty of snowfall and avoid going after a warm night. You want lots of soft, powdery snow to reduce the risk of injuries. Ideally, you’ll find a hill with few hazards, like trees or ponds, and with a flat area at the end to facilitate smooth stops.

Take Steps to Prevent Injuries

Nothing will get your kids off the couch faster during the winter than a trip to go sledding and snow tubing. But try to remember the potential for serious injury. Avoid a trip to the emergency room with the above tips. And always make sure you exchange information with parents if your child collides with another, in case you have to file a personal injury claim. Serious injuries can come with serious medical bills, so it’s important to hold negligent parents responsible. A seasoned Arlington Heights personal injury attorney can help you determine liability and seek compensation for your child’s injuries.

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