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Construction Under Way for New I-490 Western O’Hare Corridor

The I-490 western access project to the O’Hare International Airport is officially under way. This project will be connecting I-90, Route 390, and the Tri-State Tollway, creating a different scene for commuting in the Tri-state area. With many new ramps being inserted, this will provide easier access from suburban areas into the city. In the Tri-state area, traffic is a serious issue. The focus of the project is to relieve this congestion.

Timeline for I-490 Western O’Hare Corridor

The past year has seen major developments of the project due to the stay-at-home mandates during the pandemic. All construction is estimated to be completed in 2026. This includes 15 new ramps added to the I-490/Route 390 and I-490/I-90 interchanges.

Benefits of the I-490 Western O’Hare Corridor

The construction project will provide easier traffic movement and commuter access, allowing drivers to connect from I-90 down to the southern suburbs. Prior to this project, drivers coming from the suburbs were forced to drive through the airport corridor, creating traffic jams. Now, drivers will have alternative routes, thus decreasing traffic jams from the airport corridor. The project aims to relieve congestion in suburban areas for quicker and more organized traffic movements. The project will also include high quality road improvements.

The construction of the I-490 Western O’Hare Corridor to I-90 has undergone great progress. The project will tie together I-90, Route 390, and the Tri-State Tollway to relieve traffic congestion, as well as provide smoother commuting and traffic movements for people traveling in and out of the suburban neighborhoods.

Learn More about the Western Access Project

As with any other highway, there is an increased possibility for car accidents. If you were injured in a collision in the Tri-state area, call an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. We could also further explain the I-490 Western O’Hare Corridor and the implications it may have on traffic crashes in the area.

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