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After My Car Accident, Do I Really Need a Lawyer or Can I Handle This On My Own?

Do I really need a lawyer or can I handle this on my own?

The facts and circumstances surrounding each car accident are distinct. A personal injury attorney is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and in fighting them, in order to recover adequate compensation for their clients. If you have any doubts or questions about your specific case, a personal injury attorney can help you to determine whether or not you have a worthwhile claim. If you do have a legitimate case, the personal injury lawyer will see that the case gets filed properly and within the statute of limitations.

Mr. Wittmeyer’s experience in representing injured people and their families for over 30 years makes him uniquely qualified to handle personal injury cases. If you have suffered only very minor injuries that require little or no medical treatment, then handling your case on your own is fine. But if you have suffered more serious injuries or even minor injuries that require continuing medical treatment and impact your life, then contact a personal injury attorney to handle your case from the beginning.

By handling your serious injury case on your own, the adverse claims representative will be running your case, not an experienced attorney on your behalf. Once you start handling your case on your own for any length of time, in most cases you will devalue, or possibly even cause serious damage to your case. Why? Because you don’t do this for a living, and the adverse adjuster does. Claims adjusters are trained professionals, and no matter how nice they might seem, their job is to get you to settle your claim cheaply.

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